Zverev’s 2018 – solid performances

Zverev’s 2018 – solid performances

Alex Zverev ended the year 2018 on the highest note. He defeated world leader Novak Djokovic and won the most important trophy of his career, so far: the ATP Finals in London. Below you can see the highlights from Zverev’s run at ATP Finals:


Alexander proved to be one of the top players of the new generation. Probably the only top player to play without any problems against Djokovic or Nadal, if Federer will no longer play at a high level in 2019.

Statistically, Alex Zverev entered the ATP Top 5 on 11.09.2017 and has since managed to remain among the top five players in the world. It is a great performance for the 21-year-old, who has also faced the “the Big Three”. Without Nadal, Djokovic or Federer, Alex Zverev would certainly have been #1. And probably, somewhere in 2019, this will happen.

Zverev won 4 titles in 2018 and 5 titles in 2017, but those earned in 2018 are much more than anything else. Zverev managed to defend the titles won in Munich and Washington and added a Masters trophy (Madrid) to his collection, but he also played another two Masters finals (Rome and Miami). The candy on the cake was the London title, where he managed to defeat two heavyweight tennis players, Federer and Djokovic.

Where things did not go so well?

Despite some brilliant performance in the ATP circuit, Zverev failed to impress at the Grand Slam tournaments. The only notable performance of the German was at Roland Garros, where he reached quarter finals. This is the area where Zverev should focus in 2019, as any big champion needs at least a Grand Slam in his portfolio. There’s enough time for more than just one Slam title, the question is only when it will happen.

We’ve selected a few hot shots of Zverev below. Perhaps in 2019 we will him lift a Grand Slam trophy. The potential is there.

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