Alexander Zverev Yet to Decide on ATP Finals vs NextGen World Finals

Alexander Zverev Yet to Decide on ATP Finals vs NextGen World Finals

Alexander Zverev has confirmed that he is on the verge of making a decision with regard to his participation in either the ATP finals or the NextGen World Finals. The German has been able to reach the tour finals that will take place in London. In doing so, he has put himself in frame for a game against the likes of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. At the same time, the player is also eligible for the NextGen World Finals which will take place in Milan.

Zverev claims that he has not been talking about his scheduling with anyone as he has been able to reach the ATP tour finals just now. However, he admitted that the presence of three major tournaments in the space of a few weeks will have a drastic impact on the scheduling and may even force him to miss one of the tournaments. Speculation is rife that Zverev will pass up the opportunity to take part in the NextGen World Finals, but Zverev came in with high praise for the tournament – just as he did with the others.

Given that both tournaments will be taking place in the space of a week or two, it will be extremely difficult to contemplate Zverev appearing in both tournaments. In fact, the German could potentially take part in three other events as the Paris Masters is scheduled for a week ahead of the two events.

The NextGen World Finals is a comparatively lower ranking tournament in comparison with the ATP finals. This tournament is only four players below the age of 21 and it does not come with any ranking points. Meanwhile, players who reach both events will be able to skip the NextGen World Finals without incurring any penalties when it comes to the points table. Even then, Zverev was still keeping his cards close to the chest.

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