Alexander Zverev Keen to Make an Impact at the ATP Finals

Alexander Zverev has been the rising star of tennis in 2017 after managing to rank an incredible third place in the ATP rankings. He has literally come out of nowhere and his successors have enabled him to qualify for the Next Gen ATP finals. Even though he had the opportunity to win the title amongst several other highly talented stars, Zverev decided to take the much bigger task of winning the ATP finals. The latter has had a much more attractive element due to the involvement of stars like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

One of the reasons for Zverev being able to qualify for the big year-end tournament is the five major titles that he has been able to win in 2017. The 20-year-old has been able to brush aside highly fancied names like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic along the way. Rafael Nadal was the only major star to not suffer a defeat against Zverev. In fact, the Spaniard was able to claim two wins over Zverev.

After having come up several top stars already, Zverev claims that he is not worried about meeting up with icons and legends, who are amongst his inspiration too. There was an opportunity for the 20-year-old to compete at the Next Gen finals. It would have given him a chance to win the $ 1.25 million prize money available with this tournament. However, he has gone in search of the riches provided by the ultimate end of the season tournament – ATP finals.
The Next Gen finals is debuting a key element of the game which could have a role to play in the main version. Here, the shorter sets are being employed so as to make it difficult to take away the momentum of a player in a disadvantages position coming into the end of the first set.

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